Alpkit produce absolutely phenomenal outdoor equipment, from great tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment, to technical clothing, wetsuits, kit bags and the formidable Sonder Bikes.  Working with Alpkit is extremely exciting, and I am proud to represent their developing brand.




My first taste of Alpkit equipment came with my 1000-mile Arctic to sub-Arctic Canadian cycling adventure in winter 2017.  Here I used their Sonder Bikes Vir Fortis to great effect along some of the roads from Ice Road Truckers, including the ice road on the Arctic Ocean itself.  It was a great adventure and an incredible bike.




During the summer of 2017 I used some of their camping equipment for a Big Ben to Black Sea, Trans-Europe SUP and cycle journey.  This included using their Frontier bike as a touring cycle and workhorse to drag an improvised trailer with 50-kg of equipment from France across Germany to the Danube.  It was a great bike an almost magical adventure.  From these exciting beginnings I look forward to more and even greater journeys with the support of Alpkit in the future, and the opportunity to try even more superb clothing and equipment.