There are some brands where I can honestly say that I was using them before they were 'cool'.  My problem with Buffs was that they were always cool, and non-conformist Hines just could not bring himself to wear them for that reason.  If I 'tried' to look cool, would I always have to try?!  Then I got a freebie Buff at a race, and got a little wrapped-up with the various alternative ways of wearing them.  Then I wore one on my wrist during a run, then a race, and I kinda had to accept they came in useful.  They were useful when I needed some protection for my head, useful when I needed some light face protection in the cold, useful when I was stuck in a cabin in the Arctic, and, although some fresh coffee had been left in a cupboard, there were no filters or cafetieres lying about...  I have used them as sleeves for sun protection when my suncream ran out, I have used them as insulation when various parts of me have been exposed to frostnip, and I have used them soaked in water to help cool me down.  Nowadays I am unlikely to begin a race without three Buffs about my person (usually as one on my head and two spares on my wrists, there and ready for action, however they might be made useful, and they usually are).

In short, I am a huge fan of Buff, and am glad to have them as a sponsor.  Here is a list of some of the fine uses (real and imagined) for my own Buffs: Uses for a Buff.












































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