Canada C2C 2017-18

~3500 miles (5500 km) from the north of Canada to the South, from the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific


Part One: March-April 2017

Part Two: June-September 2018


Purpose: To cycle from the top to bottom of Canada, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific



Following on from a fantastic 1000-mile sled-hauling expedition in 2016, it is time to return for something new.  Knowing that this is the final year of the ice road at the top of the Dempster Highway, between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, this is my last chance to travel on that fascinating road, which is carved out directly onto the Arctic Ocean.  I have driven the road before, when supporting an ultra-endurance race along the Dempster, and I have some familiarity with how brutal the conditions can become. 

Without any real bikepacking experience, my journey on the Sonder Vir Fortis fat bike will begin in early March on the Arctic Ocean.  I will cycle for more than a hundred miles south, over the Arctic Ocean itself, before joining the Dempster Highway proper at Inuvik, Northwest Territories (the Dempster is one of the roads featured in Ice Road Truckers).  The road will take me through Fort McPherson, known for the story of The Lost Patrol; the men and sled dogs who attempted a mail run between Fort McPherson and Dawson City, where temperatures plummeted below -70 Celsius and a storm raged, and all men and dogs perished.  

Shortly before arriving in Eagle Plains, Yukon Territory, I leave the Arctic Circle for the sub-Arctic, and pass through Tombstone National Park.  After approximately 600 miles (1000 km) I arrive in Dawson City, from where I pick up another highway to reach Whitehorse.  The total journey from Tuktoyaktuk to Whitehorse will be approximately 940 miles (1500 km), and this comprises the Arctic and sub-Arctic legs of the journey, to be completed in winter 2017.

The section through British Columbia and Alberta adds more than 2100 miles (3400 km) to the total journey, and takes me through the Rocky Mountains in early spring.  I will begin this longest leg in summer 2018, and expect it to take approximately two to three months.  My adventures will finish on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver, at the border with the U.S.  The total journey will be approximately 3500 miles (5500 km), from the Arctic to Pacific Ocean.



This expedition is made possible by the fantastic support and generosity of a number of sponsors.  First and foremost are Alpkit and Rab, who are fully supporting this journey and who have provided almost all of my clothing and most of my equipment.  Air North have supported this expedition and I am extremely proud to be working with them.  Air North is the Yukon's Airline, and has an excellent reputation for taking care of their customers and delivering unparalleled service.  One of the most important aspects of a big expedition, and one of the biggest expenses, is food.  I am hugely grateful to the support from Serengeti Trading in Canada, who have provided almost all of the food.  I am also grateful to the ongoing and kind support of all my other sponsors, and in particular Salomon, Suunto, Sena, Kovea / Mercator Gear, Bloc Eyewear, MyRaceKit and Overboard.  I would also like to thank Alpkit for the Sonder Vir Fortis and Camino Ti bikes, and all their help in getting the bikes set-up and prepared for this expedition.


My tracking device can be used to monitor my progress during the expedition. 
























I am hugely grateful to all my sponsors for helping to make my adventures possible, and for supplying me with some the best equipment in the world.



I will add a link to my tracking device closer to the start of the expedition, where anyone can observe my progress along the trail.  Updates on the expedition can be found on my Facebook and Twitter pages.


Photo taken in a cabin near Indian River, Yukon Territory, approximately 50 miles from Dawson City.  Photograph taken by Yann Besrest-Butler.

I detailed my first adventure in the Yukon, including training, preparation and race experience, in my book on the 2009 trail race along part of the Quest route (~450 miles).  This was my first taste of adventuring in a sub-Arctic climate, and my first glimpse of the Yukon Quest trail.  Buying options for this and my other books are detailed below.

You can help support this expedition by purchasing my books, or by making a donation below.  I would ideally like to purchase photography equipment to create a book showing the incredible landscapes I will be enjoying along my journey.  Paperbacks can be purchased from MyRaceKit



I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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