MyRaceKit is a supplier of clothing and equipment for runners, whether short-distance fun runners or leading ultra-endurance, trail and adventure athletes.  Colin and Elisabet are accomplished ultra-runners themselves, and are superb at giving personalised recommendations.  They have a complete range of clothing and equipment for all individuals for use over all distances and in all environments.  They do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, but will take the time to understand a runner's individual requirements before giving them the options that are most appropriate.  I have been a customer of MyRaceKit for most of my time as an ultra-endurance adventure racer, and was delighted when they became a sponsor.  They are also now the primary stockist and distributor of my books.

I strongly recommend MyRaceKit to any and all runners looking for clothing and equipment.


I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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