The help and support I have received from Rab has been phenomenal, and at times humbling.  Their expertise and passion makes them, in my view, the greatest brand for clothing and equipment for the harshest environments on Earth. 


I have tested Rab kit at temperatures that were below -45 Celsius for days, even dropping below -50 Celsius for many hours.  I have faced mountaintop blizzard conditions in Arctic winters, on at least three occasions.  Rab gear has seen me through all three successful finishes, and two podium finishes, in the Yukon Arctic Ultra 450-mile race. 












Mostly, however, I am not in the most extreme, harsh environments because I want to find out how gnarly I am: I am there because I consider them the most beautiful places on the planet.  One of the best nights of my life was spent sleeping in my Rab Expedition 1400 bag, in the Arctic, in an open snow-shelter I had built to keep the wind out, where I had passed many hours gazing up at one of the most astonishing Northern Lights displays I have ever seen. 



I have raced, trekked and generally adventured, in the most beautiful and wondrous places on Earth, and Rab gear has given me a vast sense of confidence that I could not possibly be better kitted for the challenge.  At -50 Celsius, I was comfortable, I was calm, I was relishing the final hours of a race and I was loving every minute of that hard slog.  This was possible because I was using what I consider to be the best equipment ever made. 

















Before my first attempt at the Yukon Arctic Ultra, I was on the brink of a huge step into the unknown.  That race was the most intimidating experience of my life so far.  In the build-up to the event, I was in regular telephone and email communication with the then head of marketing at Rab HQ.  The race was new to all of us, and the Rab gear nerds were in discussions to work out what would be best for me, including a few recommendations that differed from the typical race approach.  It was a steep learning curve for me, and since then I have been to the sub-Arctic and/or Arctic every year, sometimes for months, and soon I plan to move there permanently. 










Nowadays I am being encouraged by the design team at Rab to problem-solve new kit according to my own specifications.  It has been quite a journey already, and I still have a long way to go.  Rab has been with me every step of the way, and my gratitude extends far beyond my words.  In 2009, I was a supported athlete for Rab, and nowadays I am one of their professionals, a representative of the best clothing manufacturer for the environments I love to be in the most.  



There is far too much kit of Rab's that I use, for casual wear, for racing and for expeditions, and in all environments, to list off here.  I hope the photographs go some way to indicating the variety of environments and activities to which the clothing and equipment is suited.  In the last few years I cannot imagine a day has passed when I have not been wearing at least one piece of Rab kit.  It is not about an obsession, it is simply that the clothing is perfect for my needs, so I always find myself wearing it - trousers, shorts, t-shirts, fleeces, jackets, gloves, is all fantastic, and all well-suited to the places I go.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you all at Rab!

I have put together a few videos for YouTube, including various taken during my 2010 crossing of Scotland for the TGO Challenge, and of my experiences during the 2011 edition of the Yukon Arctic Ultra.  Mostly these show that I have a long way to go in terms of film-making, but progress is being made.  Here is a clip from an Arctic training session, filmed in Barrow, Alaska, during the winter of 2012:





I give lectures and courses around the UK on subjects relevant to endurance athletes, coaches, personal trainers and therapists.  Details of these can be found here.



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My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







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