I am delighted to be sponsored by retailers and manufacturers of the best outdoor gear in the world.  These are companies whose clothing and equipment I already used before obtaining sponsorship, and I am very proud to be able to represent them through my races, adventures and expeditions.


Rab provides clothing and equipment for the most extreme environments on Earth.  I use their sleeping equipment, expedition kit, down jackets, Vapour-Rise and more when racing and on expeditions in the Arctic and sub-Arctic.  I love using their kit in extreme environments all over the world, as well as during shorter expeditions closer to home.  It is simply awesome.

Rab Mark Hines






Salomon produce the best footwear for the terrains and environments I exercise in.  I love their running clothing and rucksacks and use them year-round.  I have worn their shoes to get me through ultra-marathons of between 100 and 450 miles without injury or a single blister.

Salomon Mark Hines




Having been an admirer of Suunto for more than a decade, I was thrilled to be able to experiment with the Ambit in 2012.  I now use the Ambit 2 and the Core, depending upon the activity I am engaged in.  The Ambit produces excellent data on heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, speed, distance and altitude.  This is combined with excellent course mapping and navigation, and a battery life I have pushed beyond 50 hours on a single charge.











I always have a stash of Buffs to hand when racing.  During the Yukon Arctic Ultra race I typically have three, with one covering my mouth and two others on my wrists - they soon get removed from there and put to good use where they are needed.  They are such a simple yet useful piece of kit, and it is great to have them as a sponsor.





I fell in love with SueMe as soon as I heard about them.  Their philosophy is simple; those who spend time being active in the outdoors tend to be those who care a great deal about the environment.  This is certainly the case with me.  I think their non-technical clothing range is superb and I wear it proudly, enjoying the opportunities it gives to spread the word about their mission.



Serengeti Trading came on board as a sponsor in a very short space of time.  I briefly outlined my race and expedition plans and they jumped in to fully support my third successful completion of the Yukon Arctic Ultra (450 mile footrace) in 2013.  They supplied me with the biltong and droewors I used as a main energy source during my cold-weather ultra-racing, and it was awesome!
A new sponsor from 2013 onwards is myRaceKit.co.uk.  They are retailers of some excellent equipment for running, racing and general outdoor adventures.  Having been friends with the original owners of the company, I was delighted when the couple who took over management of the business continued on with the same ethos.  Elisabet and Colin are accomplished ultra-runners themselves, and have a superb knowledge of kit requirements for ultra-races all over the world.  They are not of the 'one size fits all' ilk, and work hard with their customers to ensure they get the kit that is right for them.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to be sponsored by them.  The are also now the primary retailers of my remaining book stocks.

My first  fantastic sponsor for 2014 is Bloc Eyewear.  I have used Bloc sunglasses and goggles since my first Yukon Arctic Ultra race in 2009.  The Chameleon sunglasses were perfect for protection against the strong glare, and were hardy and robust during their use in that race and many others.  Since then I've enjoyed using other glasses in their range, and am extremely pleased to have them as a sponsor.


2014 goes from strength-to-strength, with the addition of Mercator Gear and Kovea Stoves.  The stoves are of Korean origin, relatively inexpensive compared with the big brands commonly on sale in the UK, and are of superb quality and utility. 












My first sponsor for 2015 is the excellent Sena, who produce video and audio equipment for adrenaline sports and activities.  I will be using their GoPro audio pack with Bluetooth microphones and headsets, as well as their own action cameras.



OverBoard produce some excellent dry bags, kayak and SUP bags, waterproof cases, bike panniers, and more.  I am using their superb kit during expeditions, and am thrilled to be working with them on many upcoming river expeditions.



Aquaovo produce superb water filters, with the highest filtration standards against bacteria and viruses.  I was extremely pleased to see look through the datasheets detailing their products' effectiveness, and am yet to find a more effective filter.


I am very proud to represent these superb brands, and look forward to finding new ways of supporting them further.  I am open to approaches from potential new sponsors, particularly for financial support in exchange for being title sponsor of a race, expedition or other adventure.  I am keen to do all I can to work with new and existing partners, to ensure the most can be achieved from our developing relationship.  I am also protective of my existing sponsors and brands, having been supported by many for the majority of my career, and cannot entertain the possibility of any conflicts of interest.  Anyone interested in supporting me and my endeavours should contact me by email.



The Books


My books are available from Amazon as ebooks and as printed versions.







The content of this website is provided free of charge, and I hope it is of value to those reading it.  Anyone wishing to donate to help support me is welcome to do so here.  I am extremely grateful for any and all support received.



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