Trans-Europe SUP 2017



In May 2017 I plan to begin a trans-Europe expedition across Europe, from London to the Black Sea, based primarily on stand-up paddleboarding but improvising as circumstances dictate.  The journey will begin on May 26th on the Thames in Central London.  From there I will paddle to the end of the Thames and along the southeast coastline, before paddling across the Channel to France.  From Calais I will continue along various canals and rivers across Europe to link up with the Danube.  The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, after the Volga in Russia.  It is approximately 1780 miles (2860 km) in length, beginning in Germany's Schwarzwald and flowing into the Black Sea.

My last European adventure was in 2014, when I travelled from London to Transylvania for a race, and I enjoyed the experience immensely.  I want to show that expeditions and adventures do not have to be in far-off lands to be worthwhile and extremely interesting.  This will be a coast-to-coast journey across Europe, from London to the Black Sea, and a total distance of approximately 2600 miles (4200 km).

My progress can be followed from my SPOT page, which will go live from 6pm on the 26th May 2017.  I need to complete the expedition by the end of August.



Although I plan to thoroughly enjoy and maximise my personal experience of a journey across Europe, there are other reasons this is an important expedition.  There are currently plans to build approximately 3000 hydroelectric dams in the Balkans, which will have a huge environmental impact, destroying pristine wildlife habitat.  The dams will require infrastructure to be built across national parks and landscapes, will negatively impact upon river species and land species alike, and negatively impact upon folk like myself who enjoy spending time in nature.  More information can be found on the Save the Blue Heart of Europe website and their Facebook page

The Danube itself suffers with a considerable amount of pollution.  Although the dumping of industrial waste during the communist era caused the most damage, since when the health of the river began to improve, there is now a likelihood of repeating past mistakes and adding to them considerably.  Recently the river has been exposed to the dumping of toxic sludge, NATO bombs, oil spills, cyanide poisoning, heavy metals from industry and increasing plastics pollution (microbeads and direct littering), amongst other pollutants.  Plans to build more canals and more dams (as if the existing 28 are insufficient) will cause further harm.

It is hoped that raising awareness of these important environmental causes will help gain public support and add pressure to European countries to re-evaluate their plans.  We need a combined effort, from the public and politicians alike, to act more responsibly and in the best interests of all our waterways and the people and species that benefit from them.

Please also see Watertrek, for more information on keeping all our waterways clean and reducing environmental harm.



Here is a short promo video recorded along the start of the Danube River:



Confirmed Sponsors

It is extremely exciting to have excellent sponsors already confirmed for this expedition.  The sponsors are listed below:
















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