20 (Potential) Uses for a Buff


Some actual and imagined uses. Well, tourniquet and toilet paper are the only two imagined, so far, and I would rather like it to stay that way.  Mostly I wrote this to remind myself of all the times a Buff has been the best thing to hand to do a particular job 'in the field'.


1. Neck gaiter (sub-Arctic Races and Adventures)

2. Face insulation (as worn in Arctic training video)

3. Sweat band

4. Coffee filter (remote cabin in the Finnish Arctic - quite proud of that one)

5. Penile insulation during frostnip episode

6. Underwear wear-extender (various races)

7. Towel

8. Cleaning fabric (camera, sunglasses, cooking utensils, etc)

9. Scrubbing fabric (dirt from skin)

10. Hand insulation (Transylvania 50-k - when summer turned to winter in the mountains)

11. Face mask (against traffic pollution - La Ultra)

12. Unsterile dressing (minor wounds)

13. Tourniquet (serious wounds, so far untested)

14. Emergency toilet paper (so far untested)

15. Ear insulation (frostnip incident in White Mountains, Alaskan Winter)

16. Arm sun protection (Spartathlon)

17. Water filter (to remove larger particles prior to main filtration or puri-tabbing)

18. Boob tube (not my boobs and never fit me as well after. Not a complaint, just an observation)

19. Miniskirt (not these hips.  Note observation above)

20. Headgear



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